Measuring equipment

Global increases of energy and services prices, constant inflow of new users and increased consumption in combination with growth of public companies go beyond present consequences of energy usage which creates new challenges for service providers. New way of efficient energy consumption measuring improves user approach to energy consumption.

Distribution services – key business challenges

Measuring equipment, together with Utility Billing & CRM solution represents end-to-end solution for service providers and it completely supports business processes of companies. Besides that, the solution has set of independent modules integrated through graphic interface. Each module offers set of connected functionalities.

Measuring equipment is AMI Enterprise system application which contains module set for specific AMI tasks. UTILIS Measuring equipment includes the following functionalities:

Measuring equipment completely integrates measuring network with higher level applications, such as billing systems.

Meter mediation module translates and unifies data from metering network regardless of the device supplier.

Meter Mediation provides Measuring equipment and application on a higher level with single set of commands for metering network control. Commands from this integrated set can be used for communication with any devices within metering network.

Types of reading with Measuring equipment:

Measuring equipment gathers processes and archives data in raw, unified forms and provides interface for higher level applications. These applications are used for accessing data and have tools for data export which provide data in a common format.

UTILIS Measuring equipment constantly monitors metering network and optimizes connections among devices within the network. Continuous management of network topology provides the best possible access and enables effective data exchange.

Smart meters

Measuring equipment is designed to function independently from suppliers and service solutions, which means that functionalities are not limited by meter supplier or type of service.