What is Oracle
Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most complete world-class CRM solution.

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Oracle Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM dostavlja sveobuhvatno CRM rješenje i pokriva upravljanje svim procesima sa korisnicima: Sales, Marketing, Contact Center, Service, te nudi i višestruka rješenja za brojne napredne funkcionalnosti (Opportunity Management, Loyalty Mgmt, Quote&Order, Filed Service, Self Service).

Oracle Siebel CRM uključuje horizontalna (Call Center, Partner Relationship Management, Order Managenet) i vertikalna, industrijski specifična rješenja, napravljena za više od 20 industrija (Communication, Media & Energy, Financial Servic, Public Sector, Life Sciences... ), koja osiguravaju da su podaci i procesi organizovani u skladu sa najboljim svjetskim praksama.


Oracle Siebel Sales increases sales efficiency in real time. With integrated support for sale methodology, Siebel Sales manages creating offers and business opportunities, partner management, and product and services configuration in order to fulfill user demands.

Siebel Sales offers organization of data sharing among teams, efficient management of users and sales activities, as well as synchronizing sales processes among different communication channels.


Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite is comprehensive solution for marketing that covers all segments of marketing management in B2B and B2C environments, from asset management for marketing (resource scheduling, time planning) to creating and executing campaigns and tracking results of executed campaigns. Some of the available modules are:

  • Siebel Marketing Resource Management
  • Siebel Campaign/Dialogue Management
  • Siebel eMail Marketing
  • Siebel Web Marketing
  • Siebel Events Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Oracle Marketing Analytics


Oracle Siebel Contact Center and Service modules offers faster, better and more efficient user support with user management, structural management of user requests and integrated management of all communication channels. Some of the available modules:

  • Siebel Contact Center
  • Siebel Field Service
  • Siebel Help Desk
  • Siebel Mobile Solutions


Siebel CRM offers open framework for social network which enables users to use Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) cloud service with their Siebel CRM implementation.

Siebel architecture

Siebel is based on multi-layered architecture: UP layer, business layer (business process layer), and data layer which enables great scalability. Architecture is compatible with different OS platforms (Windows, Linux) and different databases (Oracle, MS SQL).