Oracle Siebel
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contact center

The necessary segment in user relationship management is to provide quality way of communicating with users through all communication channels.

Communication channels

Besides personally approaching info desk or making a phone call, many users opt for communication via email, sms, filling online forms, via social networks, or sending certain documents/requests by mail. The solution represents a unique system for user communication and structural management of user requests in all channels.

Integration of Oracle Siebel CRM with contact center

  • Siebel offers adaptable communication layers for integration with third-party contact centers (specialized ACD systems, IVR systems)
  • Siebel CTI is completely integrated into application GUI and it ensures that agents have the full control of the call by using integrated CTI tool which offers integrated call management, call tracking and automated application view depending on defined actions. Siebel CTI is scalable, it offers number of different configurations of call actions including transfers, conferences, changes of agent status, defining views which are opened for agents based on the incoming call information or email (automated user recognition, ticket opening, and information filling)
  • One of the examples of Siebel CRM system integration is integration with MEDIO ACD contact center. The integration was implemented with communication driver. There are other types of available integration modes.
Other communication channels:


Siebel enables integration with email server with predefined processes of incoming email processing, with possibility of customizing workflow for email processing in accordance with business processes (defining automated answers, defining key words, automatic ticket creation, ticket assignment). There is also an option of creating different email templates that enable automatic data mapping (user, contacts, request data...) into email content.


By integrating Siebel with web portal of the company, questions/requests that users sent by filling online forms on web page will be processed through Siebel CRM. Two-way integration of web portal and Siebel system enables users to view the certain set of data, as well as to update their data via web portal.


Integration with SMS interfaces of different operators enables receiving and processing of SMS requests and capability of sending answers through Siebel system, as well as providing different services through SMS channel.


Integration with Document Management system enables receipt and processing of requests through Siebel CRM system.