Implementation of business
processes through Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM solution covers implementation of wide range of processes. Integration of Siebel CRM solution with the existing solutions in a specific business environment enables data and info exchange with other systems and ensures continuity of business processes.

Siebel offers predefined set of data and predefined way of managing business processes. Implementation of Siebel CRM solution in a specific business environment requires mapping and implementation of business processes into Siebel business processes and integration with the existing system components.

Business processes are mapped into Siebel CRM business processes, and depending on processes that are implemented and depending on the other system in which the processes and data are managed, integration points and integration interfaces with existing application modules will be defined to download and synchronize the data and keep the continuity of the processes, all of which provides full information about the end user and offers the better way of managing business processes.

Siebel platform includes set of tools, technologies and predefined functional integrations which significantly simplify the integration of the solution into an existing environment. Siebel is developed on SOA architecture that is designed to support open and standardized integrations.

Through Siebel Enterprise Application Integration all business processes and logic are available through standard methods. Siebel EAI provides infrastructure for integration of Siebel applications with other systems (existing applications, external web contents...)

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) is a primary method of importing data into Siebel base and it is a tool for bulk imports, updates and data deletion. EIM is designed to process huge data loads.